What are the benefits of outsourcing my billing?

  • Consistency of service; you don’t have to worry about being left with no one to do your billing
  • You will gain the expertise of billing professionals with the latest and most efficient billing technology
  • You will have more space, time and energy devoted to treating patients
  • Our billing service is motivated to maximize every reimbursement; we don’t get paid until you get paid

How can MedPro make my billing more efficient?

  • Keeping current with insurance specifications and regulations
  • Ensuring that fees are kept at the maximum allowable reimbursement
  • Reducing the number of denied or delayed claims
  • Increasing the accuracy and speed of claim processing
  • Minimizing claim turnaround time so your income remains constant
  • Following through on claims to ensure proper and timely payments
  • Providing customized reports to keep you informed

How do we keep control of our insurance billing while using MedPro services?
At MedPro, we customize services for each practice, you design your billing services based on your billing needs.  Our professionals are available to your staff at any time and will provide any information you request to keep you informed of exactly what is going on with your billing and collections.  

In addition to regular status reports, MedPro offers a variety of customized reports to fit your needs. Customized reports include:

  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-End AR reports
  • Productivity report by physician
  • Outstanding AR reports with status updates on any claim over 90+ days