Software Compatibility

Unlike other billing services, MedPro uses many different brands of software.  If your practice has invested in software you love, we can use it too!  We incur the IT cost to create a remote connection to your server, install a computer tower if necessary, so we can seamlessly log in to your system.  If you use a cloud based system, we can create a log in for that as well.  You may be using only an EHR system, without the billing component.  In that case, we have our own software that we can set up for your practice at no additional cost.


We have experience with many billing software products and clearinghouse programs on the market.  If we have not used your particular software, we will incur the cost of training to quickly get up to speed and ready to use your system.  These are just a few of the more popular billing software and clearinghouse programs we work with.


Billing Software:
• Advanced MD
• Athena
• Kareo
• MediSoft

• Nextech
• Practice Mate
• Systemedx
• Therapy Appointment
Clearinghouse systems:
• Gateway
• McKessen
• Office Ally
• Emdion